Sumaria’s purpose is to build great companies & transform industries by partnering with those who share our belief in applying innovation, professional management and entrepreneurial energy to improve the everyday life of people in Africa. Our seven core values reflect how we translate our purpose into action.
Success in industry is shaped by a company’s ability to harness human potential. And that is one resource which is in abundance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Jayesh G. Shah
Group Managing Director and CEO
While our operations are in several countries, we remain an active participant in the communities and economies where we are established, as individuals and as a company. It's where we raise our families. It's our home. We've been here for generations, we'll be here for generations to come. Ankush Shah
Managing Director
We listen to the market, adapt to the dynamics, and innovate when necessary. Akshay Shah
Managing Director of Silafrica. Sumaria Group Director of Strategy
In the old days, when we talked about industry, we were talking mostly about manufacturing. In Africa, as in the rest of the world, It's still that and everything else. industry is everywhere.
the water we drink the food we eat.
And the energy
we cook it with.
In East Africa, industry takes on an even more vital role. Industry will define the rate of development. Industry will determine how many people we lift out of poverty.
And whether Africa will compete in the new borderless world... Where the difference between local and global is increasingly becoming smaller. And standards are becoming higher.
So the question is: What is industry MADE OF?